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The vine roots dive profoundly into pebbled grounds : pebbles smoothed and polished, capturing the suns rays, brought down from the Alpes by the Rhone river.

By tradition, our name, 'Domaine de Calet', finds its origins in the word 'galet', meaning pebble.

The respect of nature and of our terroir, translates automatically to the laboring and weeding of the soil using traditional methods. The physical contact within each step of the evolution of the vines such as the leaf selection and the green harvest, permits the evaluation of the capacity of each individual plant to be assesed and to adapt appropriate care, but also to sense the satisfaction of a job well done ! The protection of the surrounding wildlife is possible using new methods such as sexual confusion, to restore and maintain the natural balance and harmony of the countryside.

The constant search of perfection is also found in the Wine Cellar.

Strict hygiene conditions throughout the elaboration and winemaking processes, guarantee natural products.

Wines of quality, well balanced and enchanting are the result of a magical symbiosis between the wine maker and the soil.

And so new wines crown the engagement and passion of each one of us.

The men and women behind this ressurection, attentive the the natural needs of the vines and their environement, have pooled their experiences, gained from various totally different backgrounds, in the renovation of the Domaine, whilst respecting its traditions.


As our elders once said 'The land gives back what love and work we have given it'.

Domaine de Calet - F. 30640 Beauvoisin - France - Tél : +33(0)4 66 73 53 11 - Fax : +33(0)4 66 73 53 23

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